WE ARE BUYING THE FOLLOWING USED ITEMS. (and others) 407-936-1310 Tells us what you have: Legacy Electronics Corp. Ciena NTK538UJ, NTK538UL, NTK538BK, NTK538BL, NTK539UH,..
I am looking for the following equipment on an ongoing basis. If you have some or have any in the future, please contact us. We pay cash for used. Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310..
Please let us know if you have any of these available for sale used or refurbished. 407-936-1310 Legacy Electronics Corp  Ciena OME 6500..
  We have the following NMS/Dialogic equipment available for sale. Make offers. 30 day warranty on all of it.  Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310  ..
  USED MEDICAL MARKETPLACE. We buy, sell and repair used medical equipment. Contact us with your used requirements or excess equipment. Legacy Electronics Corp 407-936-1310
Please let us know if you have requirements for any of the following used/refurbished medical items. We offer warranty and can find most anything you need. We also buy used so please send us your..
Please let us know if you have any interest in buying refurbished with warranty used medical hardware. We also buy used/excess so please let us know your requirements. Legacy Electronics Corp...
Please contact us if you have any of these Fujitsu Flashwave items OR ANY OTHER for sale. Legacy Electronics Corp 407-936-1310   FC9686SHL2..
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International parts exchange for used Cisco equipment. We buy/sell/repair all kinds of used Cisco networking equipment. Turn your used/excess into cash! ASR-9010-FAN-V2 ASR-9010 Fan Tray..
We buy used/excess Fujitsu Flashwave. We sell refurbished flashwave with warranty ande also repair the following Fujitsu equipment. Contact us for a buy, repair or sell price...
We buy, Sell and repair used and refurbished Futitsu Flashwave equipment. Send  us your list of equipment for sale or your requirements. 407-936-1310..
International marketplace to buy, sell and repair used Fujitsu Flashwave equipment. Send us your requirements 1-407-936-1310 FC9580VF31       ..
Legacy Electronics Corp will help you re-sell your used/excess Fujitsu equipment or find quality returbished parts to sustain your existing networks. Contact 1-407-936-1310..
We are looking to buy used/refurbished equipment. Please email if you can supply any of these or other items from: Cisco, Alcatel/Lucent, Ciena, Juniper, Fujitsu, Siemens, Dialogic,..
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